1. Rotary Kiln Reduction with Biochar

Iron ore together with biochar is heated in the Rotary Kiln to make DRI (Direct Reduced Iron)

Rotary Kiln - A mature technology and widely used in the steel industry

  • Operates with the widest range of iron-bearing materials
  • Works with an extensive range of reductants, such as biomass/ biochar
  • Waste heat recovery systems in combination with export power generation
  • Meets environmental standards for emissions control 

2. Melting DRI to make Pig Iron

DRI (Direct Reduced Iron) from the Rotary Kiln, is
melted in an electric furnace. After removing the impurities
from the surface, hot metal is poured into molds. Pig Iron is made
this way.

3. Low Carbon Footprint

Biomass/Biochar is a renewable energy. Biochar replaces the use of coal. Therefore our Pig Iron becomes a Green product.

All raw materials are from local sources to minimize the total carbon footprint.

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